Thank You Letters

Make-A-Wish® America

August 14, 2018 

Dear Loren: 

I am writing today to thank you for your organization’s incredible support of Make-A-Wish. To date, the Wheels for Wishes program has generated over $53 million for our enterprise, a financial milestone that translates into thousands of life-changing wishes for children across the United States.

I also want to extend my gratitude to your current board members, Matt Rosenberg, Anne Snow, Lee Orwig and Craig Siiro. Having worked with boards of directors for the majority of my career, I know that it is the tireless work and dedication of these volunteer leaders that makes all the difference for our organizations.

Finally, I would like to thank National Fundraising Management and its owners, Bill Bigley and Randy Heiligman. I had the privilege of touring their facility and was very impressed with their operation. They have become the gold standard in how to run a successful car donation program and I know they have been extremely instrumental in the success of Wheels for Wishes.  

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Car Donation Foundation and Wheels for Wishes program and look forward to granting even more wishes thanks to your ongoing support.


In Partnership,


David Williams

President & CEO

Make-A-Wish America

Thank You From Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles

December 17, 2020 Dear Car Donation Foundation, Thank you for the Car Donation Foundation's support to help Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles achieve its mission of granting life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. On behalf of wish kids and their...

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USO Metro New York


I have nothing to say but WOW and THANK YOU!!!!What an INCREDIBLE and generous donation!!! The Car Donation Foundation never ceases to amaze me. Your support is so impactful and this gift will go a very long way. We really are humbled by the generosity of Americans who donate their cars to benefit our veteran/military community. And just so grateful to your team for making it happen.

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Thank You From Make-A-Wish Utah

Make-A-Wish Utah December 31, 2019 Dear Car Donation Foundation, Thanks to the generous support of our donors, children battling life-threatening medical conditions can continue to feel the hope, strength, and joy of their heartfelt wish coming true. We are profoundly...

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Thank You From Make-A-Wish Wisconsin

​ Make-A-Wish Wisconsin December 20, 2019 Dear Car Donations Foundation, You have made a difference in the lives of kids like Trinity through your donation of $ 2,004.80 to Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Wisconsin. Thank you! Together, we are creating life-changing wishes...

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Thank You From Make-A-Wish South Dakota

Make-A-Wish South Dakota December 19, 2019 Dear Car Donation Foundation,  When a wish comes true, it creates strength, hope, and transformation. That is why we are committed to our vision of making every eligible child’s wish to come true. Thank you for the donation...

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Thank You From Make-A-Wish Arizona

Make-A-Wish Arizona December 4, 2019 Dear Car Donation Foundation, Patrick 7, is confined to a wheelchair and cannot vocalize his needs, but being around family, especially his cousin Kira, makes him light up more than anything else. “Patrick and his cousin Kira have...

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Thank You From Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital December 13, 2019 Dear Car Donation Foundation, On behalf of the children and families served by Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH), thank you for your support. Your contribution of $58  received on December 30, 2019, ensures...

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Thank You From Make-A-Wish® New Hampshire

Make-A-Wish® New Hampshire January 7, 2020 Dear Car Donation Foundation, With sincere appreciation, we thank you for your support through the Wheels For Wishes program by raising an amount of $1,896.85 received on 12/20/2019 from the November 2019 car donation...

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