Thank You From Phoenix Children’s Hospital

November 10,2017

Mr. Loren H. Dorshow

Car Donation Foundation

5775 Wayzata Blvd, Ste 700 St Louis Park, MN 55416


Dear Mr. Dorshow:


Kids should only have to worry about things like picking dodgeball teams, or which friends to invite to birthday parties. But life isn’t that simple.

The kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital are dealing with ‘adult-sized’ situations. A hospital is the last place a kid wants to be – but when a child needs medical care, parents want the very best. Here, we treat more than 160,000 patients every year, because children have vastly different needs than adults.

Please accept our gratitude for Car Donation Foundation’s donation of $896.00. Generous donors such as you ensure our staff is better equipped with the expertise, cutting edge technology and equipment they need to save countless lives. Jemma is just one of many patients thankful for how a gift like yours made a difference in her life.

Not long after she was born, Jemma had difficulty breathing and was rushed to the emergency room. A pediatric cardiologist gave her family hard news – Jemma was born with just half of her tiny newborn heart.

A series of open heart surgeries was her only hope for survival. Prior to her first operation, several images were taken of Jemma’s heart. Expert physicians used 30 printing technology and constructed a model of her tiny heart they could hold and explore. This emerging technology, funded by philanthropy, enabled Jemma’s physicians to become familiar with her physiology before ever stepping foot into the operating room. Prior to her first surgery, Jemma’s surgeons could show her family exactly what was wrong and how they were going to fix it.

Today, Jemma is the fastest swimmer in her family. Stories like hers showcase the real impact of donations made by donors like you. Thank you for your generous investment.



Steven S. Schnall


Senior Vice President

Chief Development Officer

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