18 February 2021

Dear Loren and the Members of the Car Donation Foundation Board of Directors-

Since 2018, the CDF has invested $850,000 in the work of Hope For The Warriors. The following excerpt from one of the many intake forms we process every day is an example of what that investment does: “Veteran served in the Army with 2 deployments to Iraq. Veteran is not connected to VHA services and recently survived a suicide attempt. Veteran is homeless and seeking assistance to find housing. Veteran has been living in his truck. Homelessness assistance ranges between $1500-$3000.00 pending deposit plus 1st month’s rent, and working with rapid rehousing agencies HUD and HUDVASH”.

Because of your investment, this soldier sleeps in a secure and warm bed, not on the hard bed of a pickup. As you surely know, this is only one of many such interventions we have undertaken over the last 15 years.

In fact, in 2020 our clinical team provided support services to 2,661 clients through clinical assessments, 1:1 counseling, and therapeutic interventions. We also worked to prevent food insecurity and threats to stable housing by dispersing nearly $498,000 in direct financial assistance to 1,075 veterans and military families in need. We implemented new virtual offerings focused on resiliency, stress-reduction and financial wellness for our veterans, service members, and their families.

This past year tested our resiliency in ways that we could not have imagined as we faced the unanticipated challenges of COVID-19.  Hope For The Warriors was built to be nimble. We adapted to these changing needs of the community that we serve. As many mental health options increasingly became unavailable due to the impacts of the pandemic, our focus shifted to addressing such needs, with particular emphasis on the effects of isolation and fear.

Internally, Clinical staff created ways to connect virtually with fellow staff members to strengthen their own resiliency to best support our veterans and family members during this pandemic. We’d like to share some of the stories of resilience with your team at Car Donation Foundation.  Your support allow us to show military families that HOPE is within reach.

Thank you for your continued support of our programming.


Jack Marin

Chairman of The Board of Directors

Hope For The Warriors®