Thank You From Make-A-Wish® Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia

January 9, 2018

Dar Car Donation Foundation,

On behalf of Make-A-Wish, I want to thank you for forwarding additional proceeds from the Wheels For Wishes Campaign. On December 21, 2017, we received $12,313.36 for the Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia Chapter. As required by the Internal Revenue Service, we confirm that you received no goods or services in exchange for your contribution.

Here at Make-A-Wish, we believe that the power of a wish is a celebration of love and hope. We know from experience that a wish can have a powerful impact on a sick child whose life can seem confusing and sometimes painful. Having their fondest wish fulfilled can help these children see beyond the fear and pain and focus on getting well. Following is a story that illustrates just how powerful a wish can be.

Four-year-old Rose, typically quiet and shy, bubbled with excitement as she met Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother at the Bibbidi Boutique at Disney World. Little Rose, under this fairy godmother’s watchful eye, had her hair styled and her nails painted by pretty ‘godmothers-in-training.’ This stylist made sure that Princess Rose felt as good on the inside as she looked on the outside. Lots of giggles and secrets were shared in the boutique that afternoon.

Armed with new-found confidence, sparkling fingernails, glossy ringlets, and a neon green Tinkerbell dress. Rose stepped out of the boutique ready to conquer the world. She walked a red carpet, waving to all of her new friends and fans, delighted with the Tinkerbell wings floating on her back. Rose and her family spent the next several days experiencing Disney World as only a wish family can. Rose was welcomed to the front of every line, she rode in the princess float in the Main Street Parade and she gathered autographs from plenty of Disney characters.

To this day, Rose dons her Tinkerbell wings whenever she needs an extra dose of confidence strength or magic. Her mom tells us they’ve never let her down. Just as Rose looks to her wings for inspiration, we look to our generous donors, who never cease to amaze us. Wishes are powerful medicine- thank you for believing.


Judith Stone

President and CEO

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