December 28, 2020

Dear Mr. Dorshow:

On behalf of Make-A-Wish, I want to thank you for forwarding additional proceeds from the Wheels For Wishes Campaign. On December 22, 2020 we received $7,432.58 for the Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia chapter.

As we look back at 2020 with mixed emotions, I think we can all agree that we are looking toward 2021 with quiet hope – hope for safety, our happiness, and our health. For our wish kids, whose health is always at the forefront of their lives, we are so proud to be able to present them with a bit of joy and hope as we offer them a respite from their everyday challenges. We haven’t missed a beat during these challenging times as we’ve worked with these children, helping them dream of a happy future.

While there are still many restrictions placed on our country, we used our creativity and our resources to create many joyful wishes that transformed lives, renewed hope, and simply caused lots of giggles and laughter. WE watched as Emily and Madison met their new best friends – puppies eager to snuggle and play. We were delighted as we saw Christopher run to his new backyard playset, ready to welcome his friends and family to play with him in the sunshine. We were thrilled as we watched Cameron’s whole world open up as he received his new communications device. And all of these wishes were granted with every safety measure in place.

We were proud as we witnessed Lilly’s joy when she presented her fellow bandmates with new musical instruments. And Landon’s parents tell us that it is very hard to get hum to come inside once he enters his new backyard playhouse. Thy were so happy to see the smile on his face that had been missing for so long.

Cody and Marilyn experienced online shopping sprees like no other. And Ryan, Noah and Shalita will enjoy their bedroom redecorations for years to come.

Recently, Johnny, one of our wish kids, told us, “Make-A-Wish is a light in the darkness.” Thank you, Johnny. And we want to say “Thank you” to our generous donors whose support enables us to create such wonderful wishes. We look forward to working together in the coming year as we continue to offer wish children joy and light.


Judith Stone

President and CEO