Thank You From Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania & West Virginia


Dear Car Donation Foundation,

On behalf of Make-A-Wish, I want to thank you for forwarding additional proceeds from the Wheels For Wishes Campaign. Today, we received $10,858.51, for the Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia chapter. Our mission at Make-A-Wish is to grant the heartfelt wishes of children living with a critical illness. In doing this, we can offer them a chance to forget about their illness and dream big.

For most children, dreams provide a magical world free from the boundaries of reality. For eight-year-old Jacob, dreaming was a time when he could soar to the clouds, almost touching them. In his dreams, he was not confined to a wheelchair, but instead, he could run and play like his brother and sister.

There are very few things that Jacob enjoys more than swinging on the accessible sings at the playground. Unfortunately, the closest playground to Jacob’s home is more than 20 miles away. So for his wish, Jacob knew that a playground in his own backyard with a swing that would “almost touch the sky” would be wonderful. Jacob helped us in planning his outdoor play space from the beginning to end. In addition to his soaring swing, his playset includes a glider, accessible ramps, and activity panels that allow him to express himself through music, exploration, and imaginative play.

Jacob’s infectious grin and positive attitude are even more abundant now that he realizes that wishes do not just happen in dreams. Wishes really do come true, and when wishes come true, they play a significant role in helping our wish kids overcome an illness by providing them and their families with hope for their tomorrows.

During our many years of wish granting, we have met some pretty remarkable wish kids, and Jacob is no exception. We look forward to watching where his future takes him.



Judith Stone

President and CEO

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