December 2, 2020

Dear Mr. Dorshow,

Thanks to you, children in our community, like Aviva, are experiencing the transformational impact of a granted wish. Aviva’s family had planned to get a puppy the day she ended up in the hospital, and was ultimately diagnosed with cancer. Immediately her family’s sole focus became Aviva’s treatment and getting her better, but through it all, Aviva thought often of how happy she would be to have a new four-legged bet friend.

Even in these challenging times, our staff and volunteers are committed to granting every possible wish that is safe to complete. We know that the need for hope has never been greater for our wishe kids, their families and communities. Thanks to your unwavering support, Make-A-Wish continues to find creative ways to deliver ongoing hope and safely grant wishes like Aviva’s wish to have a puppy named Fluffy! Aviva and fluffy have become the best of friends, and the joy of having Fluffy brings a much-needed dose of hope and positivity each day to Aviva’s entire family.

For 40 years, Make-A-Wish has brought transformational wishes to over 330,000 children and families. But we’re not done yet. We know that no matter the circumstances, every child deserves a childhood. Life-changing wishes wouldn’t happen without the power of partners and donors like you. Your support gives children much-needed hope for brighter days ahead.

Stay healthy and hopeful,

Sheri Lambert

President & CEO