June 7, 2021

Car Donation Foundation

Dear Mr. Dorshow,

Make-A-Wish Greater Virginia is deeply grateful for your support of our mission. Your generous recent gift has given children battling critical illness, and their families, a reason to have hope and joy and to persevere during an impossibly dark and difficult times in their lives.

Wish children all across Virginia, just like Erik, are experiencing the transformational impact of a granted wish. Wish kid Erik has a brilliant, creative mind. Prior to being diagnosed with leukemia, he participated in theatre, dance, and he loved creating art. During the pandemic restrictions and in isolation due to his treatment, Erik wished for an ultimate digital artist setup that would allow him to have a creative outlet at home. “He was PSYCHED when his wish was granted,” his father shared. Erik is able to create digital and physical art, even creating gifts and cards for friends and family on his 3D printer. His wish helped him push through the last few tough months of chemotherapy. Feedback like this is what continues to drive and inspire us and we simply could not do this work without you.

The feeling of empowerment and anticipation leading up to a wish experience provides children with the strength needed to continue enduring painful treatments, improves their mental health, and research indicates it can lead to better medical outcomes. The wish process allows a child to focus on life beyond illness and an opportunity to look to the future. We believe that every child deserves a childhood. On behalf of the children and families we serve, thank you for your dedication and support. We feel lucky to include you as part of the Make-A-Wish Greater Virginia family.

With Gratitude ,

Sheri Lambert

President and CEO