Thank You From Make-A-Wish New Hampshire

December 3, 2020

Dear Friends at the Car Donation Foundation,

We are grateful that you’ve been thinking of Make-A-Wish New Hampshire to support the children who need us. With sincere appreciation, we thank you for your support through Wheels For Wishes October 2020 car donation distribution by raising an amount of $16, 585.90 received on 11/27/2020 which allows Make-A-Wish New Hampshire to change the lives of children battling critical illnesses throughout New Hampshire. Your generosity means so much, now more than ever.

Eli is a fun thirteen-year-old who loves spending time with his family. A talented drummer, and sports enthusiast, Eli lives to play football and goal keep for his hockey team. Unfortunately, Eli has not been able to participate in these sports to the extent he once was due to his heart condition. Eli has, however, discovered the indoor joy of his PlayStation and the fun he finds gaming with his friends.

Recently, Make-A-Wish New Hampshire came into Eli’s life, allowing him to make a heartfelt wish. Naturally, Eli wishes for an upgraded gaming system to continue to game and have fun with his friends while breaking free from his daily discomfort. Eli now has every gamer’s dream setup. This wonderful gift has provided Eli and his grandparents with a unique space for a brave young man to journey into his magical realm and grow as he conquers his battles.

We cannot thank you enough for donation to Make-A-Wish New Hampshire, helping us grant wishes like Eli’s. It is so important that even during this challenging time, we come together to lift and support the children of New Hampshire with critical illnesses, bringing them the strength to fight their battles We thank you for your support, enabling us to continue with our mission to grant the wish of every eligible child.

Stay safe and be well,


Olivia Stanas

Volunteer Coordinator

Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire

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