Thank You From Make-A-Wish® Northeastern California and Northern Nevada

April 17, 2019

Dear Car Donation Foundation,

I am delighted to accept your gift of $38,967.25 received on 3/21/2019. Your generosity strengthens our mission and transforms the lives of children in Northeastern & Central California and Northern Nevada battling a critical illness, like Julissa, by providing them with the gift of a wish.

Your gift has a direct impact on the lives of local children like four-year-old Julissa. Julissa’s journey with leukemia began when she experienced symptoms of hand pain and ongoing fevers. After a visit to the emergency room, multiple exams, and a bone marrow biopsy, Julissa was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Despite her ongoing chemotherapy, spinal taps, and hospital visits, her family says she has remained strong, resilient, and has persevered with the support of those around her.

Julissa’s favorite character has been an inspirational role model who has taught her the valuable lesson of appreciating what you have. Her admiration for this character led to her heartfelt wish of meeting her in person! She even had the opportunity to star as a voice-over during a special movie scene. Julissa couldn’t wait to give her hero a big hug and spend the day by her side.

With the help of generous supporters like you, more than 8,500 local wish children like Julissa, have experienced the magic of a wish since 1983. Thank you for transforming lives, one wish child at a time.


Jennifer Stolo

President & CEO


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