Thank You From Make-A-Wish® Northeastern California and Northern Nevada

November 1, 2017

Dear Car Donation Foundation,

I am delighted to accept your gift of $11,232.84. Your generosity strengthens our mission and transforms the lives of children in Northeastern California and Northern Nevada battling a life-threatening medical condition.

With your continued support, we are able to change the lives of wish children like Owen. In early 2016, Owen began to feel very tired, was suffering from consistent stomach aches, and was losing weight. His lab work revealed abdominal inflammation, and Owen was soon diagnosed with severe Crohn’s Disease. He began infusion immediately following his diagnosis, and on his 10th birthday, Owen underwent a surgery removing a quarter of his intestines and colon. Since the surgery, he has been feeling much better and continues to improve every single day.

Owen enjoys everything related to technology. He is a video game lover and a big fan of YouTube. When Owen had the opportunity to visit the Wishing Place, he knew his one true wish was to have his very own Xbox and TV. Having a gaming console and accessories provided him with a space to relax and play his favorite video games, as well as connect with other players around the world, all while in the comfort of his own room. Every boy’s dream!

“When Owen’s gaming system was delivered, he was so excited that he laid on top of it and hugged it on the floor. He was so amazed and thrilled to see all of his new electronics!”—Sharon Wish Granter

When a child received a special wish, they are able to reclaim elements of their childhood that a medical condition has taken away. Thank you for transforming lives, one wish child at a time.


Jennifer A. Stolo

Chief Executive Officer

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