Thank You From Make-A-Wish Northeastern & Central California And Northern Nevada


Dear Car Donation Foundation,

I am delighted to accept your gift of $13,282.09. Your generosity strengthens our mission and transforms the lives of children in Northeastern California and Norther Nevada battling critical illnesses.

A wish creates an opportunity for hope and the ability to experience life beyond illness. Eleven-year-old Jeremiah’s medical journey began with him feeling ill for a few months with frequent vomiting and stomach aches. After testing, an MRI eventually revealed a brain tumor. Jeremiah was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in December of 2016. Although his diagnosis has been difficult, Jeremiah has remained in high spirits and was thrilled to receive a wish.

When Jeremiah is outdoors, he enjoys riding his bike playing basketball with his friends. Jeremiah’s favorite past time is playing video games and watching videos of his favorite prankster. After plenty of thought, Jeremiah determined his most heartfelt wish was to have his very own Go-Kart, so he could “drive really fast” and enjoy exciting four-wheeled rides around his neighborhood.

“Jeremiah is doing well since receiving his Go-Kart and has really enjoyed it. We are very appreciative.”

-Jeremiah’s mom

With each wish comes renewed strength and encouragement for every child and family we serve. Thank you for transforming lives, one wish child at a time.



Jennifer Stolo

President and CEO

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