Thank You From Make-A-Wish Northeastern & Central California And Northern Nevada


Dear Car Donation Foundation,

I am delighted to accept your gift of $18,485.25. Your generosity strengthens our mission and transforms the lives of children in Northeastern California and Norther Nevada battling critical illnesses.

A wish creates the ability to transform a child and family’s life during some of their most difficult trials. Raegan’s medical journey began when she was 12 years old. She was fatigued and had difficulty breathing, and a chest x-ray revealed a large tumor surrounding her heart and trachea. It was in 2015 when Reagan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and began chemotherapy. Although Raegan has endured a tough battle, her family looks forward to a bright future ahead of her.

Ultimately, Raegan decided that her most heartfelt wish was to go on a Caribbean Cruise and swim in the bluest waters. During her most difficult hours, anticipating her wish always brought a smile to Raegan’s face. She swarm with dolphins ziplined, tubed down a river, and enjoyed every moment. Today, Raegan’s energy has returned, and her family says her “happy and clever spark” is apparent again.

“We are so grateful to the light that Make-A-Wish has shone Raegan’s journey to wellness. It takes selfless people with big hearts to contribute towards the well being of a complete stranger, and for this we thank you.” – Raegan’s family

A wish is a beacon of hope during one of life’s darkest seasons. Thank you for transforming lives, one with child at a time.



Jennifer Stolo

President and CEO

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