Thank You From Make-A-Wish Tri County

Make-A-Wish Tri County

December 12, 2019

Dear Car Donation Foundation,

Nine-year-old Eliana “Ellie” had been dreaming of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris since the day she started preschool and saw the French landmark in a coloring book. Her bedroom is covered in stencil drawings, large photographs, and several statues of the Eiffel Tower. The idea of a room with a view of the beautiful tower above while eating macarons have Ellie hope during her hospital visits.

Ellie has spent her childhood in and out of the hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer at just four, months old. Her strength during her three brain surgeries and cardiac arrest resulted in the well-earned nickname “Warrior Princess.” There was a time when Ellie was using a feeding tube and unable to walk without a wheelchair. During these challenging times, Ellie continued to battle her condition and dream of her Wish to visit Paris.

When Ellie discovered that she was going to go to Paris with her family, with tears in her eyes she said “I am so happy! I can’t believe my dream came true!” Not only would she be visiting her favorite place, but she would also be spending her birthday there!

Ellie’s magical Wish started with a surprise limo ride to the airport where she boarded her first international flight. Her days in Paris were filled with sightseeing tours, a cruise on the Seine River, enjoying lunch in front of the Eiffel Tower, and eating her favorite macarons while wearing her pink macaron earrings! The biggest threat came on her 10th birthday when she was surprised in her hotel with a macaron cake!

Ellie’s Wish gave her hope, strength, and joy. Her mom said that once Ellie came home from her trip. She was full of renewed energy and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about her magical Wish. It was, as Ellie describes the perfect trip.”

Together, you and Make-A-Wish® Tri-Counties have helped hundreds of children like Ellie since our chapter was founded here in 1985. Each child had a hope, a dream- the idea of a magical Wish. It’s because of your support that Ellie and more than 80 other children have had their biggest Wish come true this year in the Tri-Counties region, benefiting Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties.

Our Wish Families have had so many challenges, it’s hard to imagine. Every Wish child has a life-threatening medical condition. A child’s illness changes everything for the whole family, day after day. Everything revolves around diagnoses and prognoses, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, medications, insurance, and so much more. It’s overwhelming for the entire family: the child, parents, and siblings.

Having a Wish gives everyone hope. This is where YOU come in. You are the WishMAker that makes dreams come true. So many kids rally because they know that their Wish is coming, it’s almost here. It gives them strength. It’s like a powerful medicine that can make everything magical.


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