Thank You From Minnesota Military Family Foundation

November 28, 2018

Dear Car Donation Foundation,

We received your donation of $40,000.00 on 11/16/2018.

A service members’ #1 request is to “Take Care of my Family”. On behalf of the men, women, and children of our Minnesota military and the Board of the MMFF, thank you for your donation to take care of the military families.

Through the MMFF, your donation helps provide financial assistance to military personnel and their families during a financial crisis. Your gift is a meaningful way to say thank you and to alleviate the stress on service members and their families that result from these financial needs: larger expenses such as mortgage and rent, utilities, vehicles, home repairs, and miscellaneous other living costs.

Since its inception in 2004, the MMFF has helped more than 1,800 service members and their families with grants totaling over $3.7 million.

We are an all-volunteer organization. Our administrative costs such as postage, audit and banking fees, insurance, etc. are minimal. Nearly all of your donation supports our mission of providing financial assistance to our Minnesota military families.

Your donation makes a difference in the lives of our military families who make incredible sacrifices for the sake of our safety and freedom.

Thank you for being part of and supporting our mission.


Sue Kennedy, Treasurer

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