Thank You From Wishes & More®

March 22, 2018

Dear Car Donation Foundation,

Thank you for your generous contribution of $610.83 to Wishes & More®. As you know, your gift supports our mission of granting wishes and scholarships to kids with terminal and life-threatening conditions and our memorial grant programs for the parents of children who did not survive to have their wish come true.

A wish story we think you will enjoy is about Alan. Alan is a kind-hearted young man with uncontrolled epilepsy and Tuberous Sclerosis, a genetic disease that forms numerous tumors on vital organs. While Alan cannot easily walk or physically play, he truly enjoys spending time outdoors with his parents. Alan and his parents came up with the perfect wish to encompass what Alan loves- biking! We granted his wish by providing an Adaptive Double Recumbent Bike so that he can ride alongside his parents and actually be able to enjoy the great outdoors. This bike has changed his whole family’s life! They all enjoy cruising up and down the bike trails near their home and across greater Minnesota. Alan is also on the Autism Spectrum and pretty much non-verbal, but when he is riding his bike he comes out of his shell! He smiles (A LOT!), talks about what he sees and he loves when other people notice his bike or wave. Alan’s Big Blue Bike is truly a wish come true, not just for Alan, but for his whole family!

Thanks again on behalf of Alan and his family, and all of us at Wishes & More.

Karla Blomberg

Volunteer President

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