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Wishes & More

December 31, 2019

Dear Car Donation Foundation,

On behalf of all of us here at Wishes & More®, thank you for your outstanding year-end donation of $16,321! Your kind gift supports our mission of granting wishes and scholarships to kids with terminal and life-threatening conditions; and our memorial grant program for the parents of children who did not survive to have their wish come true. Please enjoy this brief story illustrating one of our unique wishes.

Tanner is an exceptional kid who, despite his rigorous treatment schedule for Ewing Sarcoma, was able to graduate on time with his class from River Falls High Scholl. This tough guy with a contagious smile and winning personality had had a lot of community members rooting for him, from his football team to his tight-knit groups of friends and loving family. Tanner epitomized the phrase- “no one fights alone.” Tanners’ special wish was to outfit a newly erected bunkhouse at the family’s cabin in northern WI. Tanner and his friends came up with a list of essentials, plus some additional fun things the Wishes & More provided to outfit this guy’s hangout pad. From a TV, refrigerator, fireplace, window air conditioner, and a Big Buck Hunter game- the list was extensive, but we made it happen!  He has to put college on hold until he finishes his current treatment, but before his friends headed off to their respective schools, Wishes & More proudly hosted a ribbon-cutting and unveiling party. The bunkhouse was aptly named, “The Perfect Distraction” from his cancer treatments!

Thank you again on behalf of Tanner and his family, and all of us here at Wishes & More.

Warm regards,

Karla Blomberg                                           Joelle Gamble

Volunteer President                                   Sr. Dir. Of Communications & Development

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