Thank You From Wishes & More®

December 14, 2017

Dear Loren and Friends at Car Donation Foundation,

On behalf of all of us here at Wishes & More®, thank you for your outstanding contribution of $3,448.46 to support our programming for kids struggling with a devastating condition. This month we are sharing Andrew’s story.

“Semper Fi” is generally associated with the US Marine Corp and means “always loyal.” Andrew, a 19-year-old with Lymphoma, had already expressed his loyalty by enlisting in the Marines while still a Senior in high school. He was following the footsteps of his dad and uncles and was devastated when cancer took away that dream.

When we met him, he talked about his strong interest in war history and how much he enjoyed creating digital art and playing video games. Wishes & More combined these interests into a great wish! We not only gave Andrew an Alienware laptop where he could play videos and design art, the presentation was an extra special surprise.

We invited him to a local video arcade to pick up his computer. He had no idea that the presentation was going to come from a group of active Marines who not only gave him this special gift, each one of them told him about a special battle involving the Marines and American war history. It didn’t end there, these military heroes spent the rest of the afternoon gaming with him at the arcade!

Andrew lost his battle with cancer in March, but we are infinitely grateful to members of the Marine Wing Support Squadron 471 for their support for going above and beyond duty for this young man. He didn’t technically “earn it” but he certainly deserved it: our virtual, 21-gun salute!

Thanks again on behalf of Andrew’s family, and all of us at Wishes & More.


Warm regards,

Karla Blomberg

Volunteer President

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